Sermons For the Real Young
to five fantastic sons and daughters:

all of whom listened to these when they were children
and now they have listening children.



Mrs. Patty Campbell

formerly of King City, California

for much of the artwork that follows.



Children's sermons have always been a part of my ministry. I believe in them. They are a good way to teach (even the adults).

Since we are all children, these messages are excellent for those in nursing homes, at camps, hospital chapels as well as in the church setting.

It is my desire that these sermon starters for the children be used to guide, direct and help in their spiritual growth patterns. They are given briefly, only as starters, so they can be expanded by the speaker. OR just read by kids who happen to click on....


The Safety of a Dime The Tick Tock of Clocks and Watches Some Good Medicine The Flash Light Family Light for Darkness A Big Pile of Books-4 Your Private Telephone-7 On Moths-8 The Wood Pecker's Pantry-11
A Magnet's Draw Reflectors We Are The Sharp Sword Don't Let Me Sink Mr. Needle and Mrs. Thread A Most Important Letter-13 Jesus Is-16 What's Behind the Black Plastic?-17 The Light Of a Lantern-20
God's Word - A Plumbline-24 Life's Sharpener-29 On Being Sealed-32 Set Free-36
Angels Watching Over Mee-37 Holding Up and Together-38 Cleanest Clean-39 Up, Up, and Away-41
Putting on Jesus-1 Look Mom, There?s a Moon Following Me-2 A Ship's Candle Speaks-3 Up, Up, and Away-43 Point on Jesus-44 Affecting Others-46 Light For Darkness-48
Gospel According to a Tool Box-50 Breaking Chains-51 A Sermon Without Words-52 Don't Look On the Outside-49 Life Jacket-10 A Bottle From the Bottom of the Sea-18 Holding Your Tongue-33 Phone Call to God?-40 Little, But Useful-47

Here are four children's sermon videos from King City.

The Heart

Power in Prayer

A House for You

The Gospel According to the Apple

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